Alexis Biskupski is known for her paintings. She paints her emotions and focuses primarily on using color in her work. She’s been creative her whole life, and has experimented in a variety of mediums from welding to painting. 

She started The Macrocosm Collective in 2019 and was Dave Davis, founder of Grand Junction Art on the corner’s apprentice/gallery director in 2018.

Alexis’s appreciation for art spans over all forms of art. Her love for creativity helped inspire the idea for the Macrocosm collective. Seeing many different kinds of artists in her area with limited resources made her and her friend Ronin realize the need for a group for artists to collaborate together freely. Having this camaraderie has helped many local artists keep in touch with each other, participate in projects together, seek criticism, network, and participate in events together. 

Under Dave Davis guidance, Alexis inventoried his life work and learned the nuances of directing a gallery. Dave told Alexis about his life experiences, lessons he had about the art world, and suggestions about her future career. Unfortunately, Dave passed away in August 2018 during the week after their first gallery showing, Alexis continues to keep his inventory updated, and make sure his art is accounted for. Having the experience of organizing his art and gallery, she has been able to use this for her own work as she has created a collection large enough to fill an average sized gallery. 


Alexis Biskupski

B. 1999


United States


Grand River Virtual Academy- Highschool graduate 


Exhibitions and vending-

2017- Super Rad Art Jam highschool art show, Grand Junction, CO

2018- Subaru popup show, Grand Junction, CO

2018- The Davis Gallery, Grand valley open studio tours, Grand Junction, CO

2019- Omnia Contemporary, Works on paper show, Grand Junction, CO

2019- Grand Junction Downtown Art festival, Grand Junction, CO

2021- Junktown Artists collective showcase, Grand Junction, CO

2022- Bass Oasis at The Two Rivers Tavern, Grand Junction, CO

2022- GrimeApple’s Psychedelic Luau, Juno, Albuquerque, NM

2022- Super Rad Skate and mural jam, Grand Junction, CO

2022- The Macrocosm Collective Art Takeover, Grand Junction, CO

2022 – The Ordinary Fellow Winery, Fresh out West makers market by The Westslope Collective, Palisade, CO